2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Specs Review

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mercedes s400 hybrid price in pakistan
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When having in our mind that the German car manufacturer, Mercedes, have never really had the fastest or the most powerful cars, they have always succeeded to gain tremendous success with their cars, primarily because they did a constant research of a market. While, the rest cars of their true variety of classes, never succeeded to impose themselves, the superb created cars from their always bragged and world widely praised, S-Class, has always been the platform which always received Mercedes’ newest technology, and the currently available variant the 2016 Mercedes s400 Hybrid, presents no exception. In order to find out all of the relevant details regarding this amazingly and innovatively designed car, we strongly advise you to sit back in your favorite armchair and to read this quite honestly written review, until its end. We are hoping that you’re going to enjoy reading it, at least, as half as we have enjoyed writing it 🙂

2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Interior, Exterior & Appearance

We are, pretty much, aware of the fact that the vast majority of you are huge and quite devoted fans of this Bavarian car manufacturer, and we can assure you that we are, too. Primarily because of the fact that 2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid presents one of the most advanced cars being available in the whole World, and it is offering a lot of features which, simply, can’t be seen on any other car on the road.mercedes s400 hybrid price in pakistan

When it comes to the inner design we, simply, couldn’t ignore the fact, that we are pretty much convinced it is going to impress everyone even though it is going to be the one of the cheapest models in its range. Besides the usual Mercedes gadgets, that we are accustomed to seeing in its inner cabins, which, usually, are available for the more expensive versions, but, this time, it will come available for 2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid, too.

So, if you opt to buy one of these astonishing cars, you can count to get the following inner equipment: a fully digital instrument cluster that will be coupled with an integrated satellite navigation, as well as the advanced radar system, much more improved night vision and the automatic parking system. Another truly awesome feature that is available in this variant is that the S400 Hybrid won’t only be able to keep and to set distance from the car in front of it, but it will also able to keep the lanes, that, basically, means that will be able to drive itself.

This slightly improved variant retained its original shape of the car, even though if the Mercedes car developers desired for their beloved S400 Hybrid to possess awesome aerodynamic performances, they should think about small modifications in terms of general appearance. At the same time, these certain modifications should have a pretty huge impact on a general fuel consumption. So, it is worth of even considering, right?
Mercedes S400 Hybrid 2016 Engine

The 2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid is empowered with the usual combination of a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 unit (which is more than capable to generate around 300 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque) and the air of two small electric motors (that are able to pump up to 30 to 50 horsepower and as much as 140 lb-ft of torque).

This, practically, means that the combined power of the S400 Hybrid is around 330 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.
2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Release Date & Price

The Mercedes S400 Hybrid 2016 is available for purchase with a starting price around $95,000.

source: http://newcarsandreviews.com

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7 Photos of the 2016 Mercedes S400 Hybrid Specs Review

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