2017 Dodge Viper GTC for buyers shed its expression

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dodge viper gts black
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Dodge is on the rise, to maintain its presence in the automotive world, as well as youth. After it was crowded with SRT Hellcat. Now, the official 2017 Dodge Viper comes with a new variant based on the Viper GT. This is an interesting offer by the design of Detroit, Michigan, United States. 2017 Viper GTC ready to give a fresh look from the other, as well as providing a driving experience with a more beautiful visual level.

The unique thing of this version of the GTC is that this car comes with 8 thousand exterior colors and 24 thousand colors stripe. Furthermore, it was reported that the buyer can choose and design their own car in accordance with the colors they want. This is a creative event for lovers of the Viper who dare to vent his emotions to explore the ability of the car body design. By using carbon fiber materials and the best combination of aluminum, the car body is believed to be strong and tough. This car is also provides several options alloy wheels and aerodynamic package 6 a great choice for buyers.dodge viper gts blue

President of Dodge said he wanted to make the Viper into a unique mascot of the supercar are popping today. 2017 Dodge Viper is offered with a V10 engine which is capable of producing 647 hp, adapted to the specifications of the choice of the prospective buyer, this is a package that offers arguably very special. The GTC has the standard features of the GT models, but for those who want more, it can be confirmed to provide what buyers want.

2017 Dodge Viper GTC is ready to be yours if you can afford one at a price of about $97,000 including customization package of your choice. According to reports, takes about five days or up to one week to complete the construction of the color that has been chosen by the buyer. We think it’s not a long time to wait supercar your personal design. Maybe a new car is able to provide opportunities for you to spill your heart’s content expression. So, wait no more!

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6 Photos of the 2017 Dodge Viper GTC for buyers shed its expression

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