2018 Tesla Model S and What the Style and Performance Could Bring for You

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tesla model s 60d price
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Have you been hearing about this car model? Why wouldn’t you be? Even now, this car model can still bring something that is unequaled to its rivals. Yes, we are talking about its battery electric performance. Well, you might have heard that the style is beginning to age, but we can say that it is still elegant to take into account. Now, let’s discuss just what the car has to offer for you here below.

Tesla Model S Exterior Design Concept

Speaking about the exterior look of the car, it does show some changes over the years. Its shape is still handsome. That is why you might not feel like the car starts aging. Model S might not be one to come with trim levels. However, it does come with it some versions worth your attention. You might as well expect Tesla Model S P85D among them. Nice, isn’t it?tesla model s 60d price

Tesla Model S Interior Design Concept

Now, how about Tesla Model S interior? First things first, you get muted colors to trim its space. Upon your first look at the interior, you will also notice its big 17” touchscreen. The surfaces of its cabin are so soft. Even leather seats are available to ensure maximum comfort. The controls might be simple, but they are elegant enough while still functional.

Tesla Model S Engine Specifications

Remarkable acceleration is what we can say about this car’s performance. The standard versions of the car are ones powered by 193 kilowatt motor which is about 259 horsepower. Meanwhile, the higher one is powered by 375 kilowatt rear motor that is 503 in horsepower. With such engine, Tesla Model S 0 60 can be reached by the car in merely 3 seconds.

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6 Photos of the 2018 Tesla Model S and What the Style and Performance Could Bring for You

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