honda accord sport 2016

All about 2018 Accord Sport

People love prides and they love to have the best way of life like the y would like to have vehicle. Nowadays vehicle is not only mere for transportation but also the prestige for those who ride that. The newest trend is that the car is the vehicle that can be switched kind of the two modes like sport and also street. You will know that this kind of the […]

2018 honda ridgeline awd

More Modern 2018 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

Honda is one of the most popular car producers. Honda always hears the complains for the buyers to make the products better. One of the most attractive products from Honda is Honda Ridgeline. It is a pick up car. It has not been produced in a year. This year, it is predicted that Honda will release the next Honda Ridgeline. It will have a new look and new features. Therefore, […]

honda cr-v awd vs fwd

Honda CR-V Achieves High Level of Safety

Honda CR-V was awarded the title as a car or with the highest level of safety. 5 stars out of ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). In these tests, the Honda CR-V in a series of poses to test the safety equipment found on the car, and finally managed to achieve the best value for the two main aspects. The first is the aspect of Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) after […]

2017 honda beat s660

New Honda S660 Concept For 2017

Do you know the news about the Honda S660? Yes! Japanese automotive media currently busy talking about Honda plans to produce and present a new roadster small sports car with a small size due to entry in the Kei-car segment. Honda S660 sports car concept enthusiasm fans had a chance to give extraordinary performances when it appears in the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 ago. Honda S660 concept planned for release […]

2017 honda pilot msrp

Family SUV 2017 Honda Pilot | News And Review

Can not be denied that the Honda is one of the best car manufacturers in the world, especially in Asia, it has even reached America. New 2017 Honda Pilot that has undergone a change from previous years, it comes with a more modern redesign. 2016 Honda Pilot SUV truly be world class. 2017 Honda Pilot Redesign This car intentionally designed for families, with three rows of seats which could have […]

2017 honda accord colors

New 2017 Honda Accord Review

2017 Honda Accord Review Honda Accord is a mainstay of car products from Japan. First appeared in 1976, and now the Accord became the best selling car for Honda, and is a product that can be said of most fans. This year Honda has prepared for the 2017 Honda Accord that will present the latest concepts and design, all forms of change that occurred in 2017 Honda Accord is intended […]