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2018 Tesla Model S and What the Style and Performance Could Bring for You

Have you been hearing about this car model? Why wouldn’t you be? Even now, this car model can still bring something that is unequaled to its rivals. Yes, we are talking about its battery electric performance. Well, you might have heard that the style is beginning to age, but we can say that it is still elegant to take into account. Now, let’s discuss just what the car has to […]

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Tesla Roadster immediately look to the future

Tesla car is very impressive product. First appeared on US roadways in 2008, this vehicle has a lot to captivate many circles. Many people have wanted a car that does not trigger the saving and pollution. But now there will be changes, as said by Elon Musk as the ‘big boss’ some times ago, he said that the updates of the Tesla Roadster will be disclosed at the end of […]