Luxury Car Comparison That Will Cost You Less Than $40,000

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luxury car comparison test
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Do you plan to buy new luxury car? This luxury car comparison will help you in making your decision. This article will mostly relate to the luxury sedan comparison. However, most of you may have certain budget in mind. Thus, it is undoubtedly impossible for you to shop for luxury car with hefty price tag, isn’t it? That is the reason why we decide to do this luxury car compare for cars that will cost you no more than $40,000.

Let’s start this luxury car comparison from 2017 Volvo S60. Compared to other European automobile brands, Volvo may seem to be often overlooked. However, it does not mean Volvo cannot offer you the luxury ride and look for its sedan. The 2017 S60 is the proof. With only about $32,500 of starting price, it is definitely a recommended choice for car comparison test

Another brand that is often overlooked is Acura. Even though Acura may not have the prestigious appeal like other brands, however it is still capable of offering the quality and ability of luxury car. The next one in our luxury car comparison today is the 2017 Acura RDX that will cost you only from about $34,500. However, this affordable luxury car will offer you not only wallet-friendly price tag, but also impressive fuel economy with 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

The next one in our list of luxury car comparison is 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. The new CLA-Class, with its starting price around $30,000, is thus undoubtedly the most affordable Mercedes you can find so far. The wallet-friendly nature is not only because of its no-more-than-40-grand starting price, but also for its excellent EPA fuel economy, which may reach up to 38 mpg highway. If you are looking for affordable luxury car which quality is no longer under question, this one definitely is perfect to consider.

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