News And Review About The Environmentally Friendly Cars

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mercedes-benz b-class amg line
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Along the development of automotive technology, now a growing number of consumers want Eco-Friendly Cars (green car concept). This is to meet the increasing global demand of environmentally friendly cars. In the title New York Auto Show last april 2014, many manufacturers launched cars or Hybrid electric vehicles.

Leading vehicle manufacturers in the world such as Mercedes-Benz B-Class, BMW, Toyota which manufactures electric and Hybrid vehicles, Ford launched one of the models for electric-powered Ford Focus, do not miss the Chevrolet Volt with environmentally friendly cars products. The manufacturers of these cars racing against each other and showcase their work at the New York Auto Show.mercedes-benz b-class amg line

As reported by the VOA News, Toyota’s U.S. representative Wade Hoyt said, “Hydrogen is the fuel of the future for electric vehicles because it certainly would be more practical, how it works is hydrogen combined with oxygen air that will compounds it will form H2O, which is water vapor coming out from vehicle exhaust, so the zero emissions. combination produces electric power “. Cars with electric power will have a higher rate of acceleration because it has greater torque than petrol engines, electric cars will also run smoothly, and most importantly, electric cars do not produce carbon monoxide gas.

Obstacles and Challenges of Electric Cars
Creating environmentally friendly vehicles is an important part of the future of the automotive industry, this is an evolution of the automotive industry and to meet the requirements of future emissions. However, the producers do not get the maximum benefit, this is because the cost of production of battery technology in electric cars. Tesla car battery production prices reached about $50,000, the price was estimated at half of the selling price of the vehicle.

A challenge for the manufacturers of electric cars is how to produce electric cars with batteries are cheap and durable. If it could happen then certainly millions of consumers would switch to get an environmentally friendly cars.

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