Tesla Roadster immediately look to the future

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tesla roadster 2.0
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Tesla car is very impressive product. First appeared on US roadways in 2008, this vehicle has a lot to captivate many circles. Many people have wanted a car that does not trigger the saving and pollution. But now there will be changes, as said by Elon Musk as the ‘big boss’ some times ago, he said that the updates of the Tesla Roadster will be disclosed at the end of this year. As no wasted moments, the company wants to always maintain good relations with its customers, especially if they are satisfied, the company certainly wants to further improve the quality of its production.

Tesla Roadster will use a new battery. These batteries are believed to increase the electric car is cruising in a single charge. By using a battery capacity of 70 kWh, this will be better than the Tesla Model S, as in the first time charger (battery fully charged) and the car was able to walk a distance of up to 642 km. Thus, the model will now be much more favorable when compared to its predecessor that is only able to cover a distance of 392 km with a battery capacity of 53 kWh.tesla roadster autotrader

To complement the new performance of the Tesla Roadster, this car also get a complete package with additional enhanced aerodynamic system, new wheel bearings and brakes are new designed. For car body I guess not much different from the previous model, although there are small changes in some parts. From the exterior face, to say this car is a concrete manifestation of the electric sports car.

This two-door car will ensure the users to feel the sensation and a new driving experience, because this is the future of green cars. This car will be offered at a fairly reasonable price, which is about $120,500. If you want to get this car, you can order it time after the car is visible in the official dealer of California.

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6 Photos of the Tesla Roadster immediately look to the future

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