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toyota highlander alternative crossword
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Toyota highlander wiki is also known as the midsize of crossover SUV. The car is produced by the Toyota Company. The first release of the car is in April 2000 on the auto show which is held in New York. Even though it has been released of the early of 200, this car has come to Japan in the end of 2000 and the early of 2001 in North America. It is called as the midsize of crossover SUV also because it is the first car of midsize crossover.

Toyota highlander wiki redesigned

Toyota highlander wiki provides three models for the people who love this kind of cars. The three models are the base model, the sport model, and the limited model. The three models give people choice to choose the best model they are suitable to and comfy to use. Hence, they will feel satisfy with the model they choose because it is the car they want to highlander alternative crossword

In addition, Toyota highlander wiki is also known as the Kluger in Japan. Furthermore, the Toyota highlander has two engines as the feature of this car. The first engine is 3.5 V6 and the second one is 3.3 L hybrid. The model of this car has had third row in seating since the year of 2004. It means it is not three rows before 2004.

Afterwards, the Toyota highlander wiki finally has gotten redesign in the year of 2008. The car provides an exterior and interior larger space. Making the space become larger of course influences the feeling of the passengers. They will be very comfy and relax driving this car. On the other hand, the redesigned of this car also makes the car only has single engine. The engine is only 3.5 liter V6.

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